Guide Dogs UK

Guide Dogs UK

It is a little known fact that every hour another person in the UK goes blind:

  • A 34 year old mum who is rapidly losing her vision and just wants to be able to walk her children to school safely
  • A teenager who has never had the chance to go anywhere on their own and just wants to be able to meet their friend
  • A retired gentleman who wants to stop banging into doors and people. He is now too embarrassed to go out alone

When someone loses their sight, Guide Dogs are here to make sure they do not lose their freedom as well.

It costs Guide Dogs nearly £50,000 to support a Guide Dog from birth through to retirement. There are 4,500 partnerships in the UK and a further 709 people of all ages currently waiting for a Guide Dog.

The Guide Dog service receives no Government Funding and is entirely reliant upon the support and generosity of the public.

In buying the Red Hot Dates Firefighters Calendar 2017, you will be helping Guide Dogs UK. On behalf of everyone at the charity, THANK YOU!

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